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DNBB310: Peyo – Name EP

DNBB310: Peyo – Name EP

Label: DNBB Recordings

Release date: 15/02/2016

Catalog number: DNBB310

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DNBB310: Peyo - Name EP
DNBB310: Peyo - Name EP
Peyo, Mystific

This EP is incredibly beautiful!

5 tracks very well done, mixed and mastered by the crew of DNBB Recordings.

Peyo is a crazy French by Drum and Bass and always surprises everybody with his wonderful songs.

The track ‘Ceremony’ has an engaging atmosphere with a magnificent combination of beats and bassline ‘ripped’. Some percussion items created by Peyo, innovate the music environment. Surely the music is more ‘heavy’ this EP.

‘Cold Moon’ really reminds us of the old songs by John L. With well-set effects and a concise beat, the music reveals each hit a novelty!

The track, ‘Move On’ brings an amazing vocal, accompanied by much 174 BPM that turn this music into one more ‘hit’, the atmosphere is mixed with rhode and piano well done by Peyo. This track has the best style Jenna G.

‘Name’ is the track that bears the title of this EP and brings great innovations, joining a pace more ‘heavy’ with the best of ‘liquid funk’.

Mystific, artist invited by Peyo to remix the track ‘Name’ is impressive to show how we can actually change a song and turn it left the rhythm and your essence! Mystific & Peyo, it seems a great duo for 2016.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful EP.