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DNBB314: VA – Can’t Breath (Remixes EP)

DNBB314: VA – Can’t Breath (Remixes EP)

Label: DNBB Recordings

Catalog number: DNBB314

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DNBB314: VA - Can't Breath (Remixes EP)
DNBB314: VA - Can't Breath (Remixes EP)
Carter, Kurruptdata, Peyo, J Brown, Mystical Sound, Mystific

Something says that this release will be huge!

Mystific a.k.a. Aaron Mello, a music producer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, called some friends for compose this impressed EP.
He gave for them a great song for remix: ‘Can’t Breath’.

We are really happy with the final results. Carter, Peyo, J Brown, Mayforms, Mystical Sound and Kurruptdata made excellent remixes.

The remix from Carter, is really special, in true the best liquid funky vibes that we never see before, all pads, synths, effects, pianos and beats are awesome. Really great vibes inside of this remix!

The remix from Kurruptadata is very very heavy, remimd us great names and tracks from Metal Headz, he put this music on another level. It’s amazing the way that kurruptdata turned this music with well concise and AGGRESSIVE basslines.

The remix from Peyo is unbelievable , has a dozen instruments and swing , Peyo is well known for making beats more ‘ funky ‘. The remix made ??us dance in our waiting room inside the office. Has a great vibes of synths and bass that no ones can be quiet.

The remix from J Brown, a new poducer from Brazil, really impressed all guys here in office, this remix has a great beat, agressives basslines and this Kick, wow, so deep. This guy will be a great name soon with your great music.