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Exclusive Interview with MC Fats.

Exclusive Interview with MC Fats.

Our representative in Brazil, Aaron Mello, chatted a bit with MC Fats and his crew represented pro DJ CHEF (Koollondon) and found some fun facts and news about the artist.

Interview was made at January 2014.

Check out the following:

1 – How it all began? MC Fats has always been involved in DNB or before the Drum and Bass; MC Fats had another name for other styles?
I started out in the music game a long time ago before acid & harcore music , i started off as a DJ playing on reggae sound-systems and pirate radio in the early 80’s and was working all the reggae blues dances by the end 80’s a new music had started creeping thru the sound of Balearic then Chicago & Detroit house and I began working for a record distribution company delivering records to shops etc… then then by the start of the 90’s the house scene in the UK evolved in to Hardcore  and a lot of my friends who were involved in music started to get into producing this new sound and everyone knew that I sang and people like Cool hand Flex and De Underground crew asked if I would talk or sing a little thing on the tune in the studio those days and it kind of started from then.  

2 – We recently interviewed Bailey, and he has continued to speak in his name constantly, how did you meet? And how this led to a beautiful collab?
Bailey was always around us from early especially at the early Metalheadz Bluenote days; I’ve known and seen Bailey grow as a new guy to the scene to being a very important person in our drum and bass scene from radio to dances and always represents correctly.

Baileys been sending me tunes for a while since he started to get into production I’ve always sent him little vocals and I’ve always said he was not ready for me yet!!! This time round he sent me something that was just right and i felt it, it’s important for me to feel the tune I am going to vocal I don’t just put my vocals on anything it’s about a vibe and a feeling. Bailey is a part of the team pushing this project forward; I got nuff respect for him. For the love is on the album and is a personal fav!

3 – We hear the full EP “We Gotcha “Vol.1, and we loved it! Noticed a tune -style “house music”, you want to compose more songs in this style?
It’s something I’ve always been asked to do, I love real foundation House music and of lately that kind of deep/tribal house has become popular again i have tried it in the past but never  really felt it. The vocals for Eye contact with TC and the track with zinc I already had on my hard drive and was perfect to pass onto these guys and see what they could do. Zinc is a very talented all round producer who I have known since he was young i call him my grandson and he calls me grandad, TC is another one who said I want to do something different not just a dnb tune but something that can reach another audience who don’t know me and he has done a great job.

4 – Our most important question, hehehe, when it will be launched ” We Gotcha ” Vol 2 ?
The whole project will come in 4 parts as we have so many tracks i think something like 40 tunes and more still coming in.FATS E BAILEY

We Gotcha Ep part 1 came out in March the 3rd 2014 with tracks 4 from Makoto, Dbridge, Serum & Bladerunner and Dj Zinc.

We Gotcha Ep 2 will be out April 14th 2014 on general release and has 4 tracks from Spy, Dj Asides, Command strange and TC.

We Gotcha LP VOL 1 16 tracks will be out end of May 2014 with an amazing line up like Lynx, John b, Dj SS, Die & Break, Random Movement, Bailey, Brother, Simplification, and many more artists.

Then the Final We Gotcha LP VOL 2 another 16 tracks with even more names like Need for Mirrors, Mr Joseph, Hlz & Chef, Calibre, Squarewave, Emtek, Total science, Emery, Alix Perez Dom & Roland, Dj Hype & Potential badboy, Crix  etc so many more watch this space

5 – How is it working with the best DNB scene?
It’s been great to hear what people have done with old lyrics and the great remixes that have come out of this project also some of the fresh tunes from artists who i know and have heard of but never really checked them before this project like Eveson, Mr Explicit, Cabin Fever, Quadrant, Kid hops iris, Will Miles, LAOS who have all done great tunes.

6 – What surprises can we expect from MC Fats in 2014?
This album has been a long time coming and thanks to Dj Asides and the team it’s finally happened, so i think it’s just right to tour the project with my selected Dj’s Asides, Randall, Bailey and Chef. Hopefully you will get to hear this project across the globe at a club or festival. I really want to do a live version with an orchestra just a selected number of tunes with me and a band / ensemble and put on some real live shows.

I hopefully will be coming to Brasil to chill with DJ Patife towards the end of the year and do some music projects with him and link up with my extended Brazilian family like “Carlinhos Brown”, Bilko and the rest of the crew

7 – What makes you happier tune or a live set?
I can’t choose on both are very different when you’re in a studio making a tune sometimes it can take a while if your building it from scratch so it’s all about studio vibes normally Food, jokes and listening to what is going down.

Sometimes a producer will send you a little 32-64 bar loop as an idea so you get in the zone and lay down however I feel at the time 9 out of 10 times the producer hears it back and are happy or want more from you, and you have to wait till you hear it back a month later and sometimes a tune don’t grab you straight away but I will listen to what reaction people are giving it and after a while I will know if I’m happy with it.

When your doing a live set it’s all about the moment your in looking across the dance floor you may see something that makes you change direction in flow or the DJ might play something that instantly gives you a vibe to switch up your lyrics and vibes. So both are great in different ways.

8 – About four months ago , on soundcloud you posted some tunes with ” Brother ” , ” John B ” , ” Will Milles ” , ” LAOS ” and another producers , but this tracks are not in ” We Gotcha EP 2 ” , has some forecast for these gorgeous ” dubplates ” ?
All of the music on http://soundcloud.com/mcsingingfats is all coming out on the “Wegotcha” project as I said earlier every tune that is on my soundcloud is to do with this Album and will be released over the next few months, keep your eyes and ears open !

9 – We got in touch with you through the DJ Chef, he informed us that you are now with a new agency, this change has been important ? What new possibilities with this new agency?
Yes Chef’s always been part of the family and is the label manager alongside DJ Asides for the U Understand Me Music label which is my own label it’s taken 25years for this to happen.

 It’s funny i have been part of many agencies in the past and i owe them a big thanks for looking out for me back then. This is a new chapter for me i have been non-exclusive for a while and since my current situation stopped me from performing it was hard to know if i would make it back to the stage to perform but I have the faith and a great team of people behind me pushing me Tania @UMC is looking after all new bookings and enquires regarding me and the “Wegotcha” tour.


10 – What is the secret to be as successful Fats?

Workhard, dont give up on your dreams, believe in what you do, dont just do something because someone tell’s you to do it, have some integrity in what you do and always try to be different.

11 – What other projects outside the DNB you intend to do this year?
Just getting my health back to 100% outside of DnB thats all for 2014.

12 – What is the most memorafats and patifeble moment throughout your journey so far?
My most memorable moment in my journey was my first visit to Brasil with Cleveland Wattkiss we was with DJ Patife doing a tour and just arrived at the hotel they had to organise our rooms so they asked us to wait in the hotel restaurant.

I was eating some food and when I looked up the the football legend Pele was walking in so I jumped up straight away and put my arm around him and me and Cleveland took some photos with him, what a great guy he spent a few moments with us, I remember Patife was sitting there frozen in shock. I being a massive WestHam United supporter made my first visit to Brasil one I can never forget.

13 – When you compose a song or sing, in which artists you inspires ?
It may sound strange but I inspire me, all of the places, people and music I have experienced over all my years make me. So in turn my inspiration comes from within me.

14- What is your favourite thing about being a part of drum & bass music?
My favourite thing about being a part of drum & bass music is all about the people liking and enjoying the music that I have been fortunate to be a part of and that makes me happy. We have been in this thing from the start to see where it’s gone where it’s taken me is a true blessing.

15- Any last words for the Mc Fats fans?
Big up all the people who have supported what I do over the years and sent me their appreciation. I hope to visit your countries and spread the “WeGotcha” vibes from the album. I am back in the studio and have lots of new music to share with you all. Peace love and Unity Understand me!

By Aaron Mello

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